Kwirky: The Kid Detective with a Different Perspective Russell Kane Author
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Fifth grader Daniel Kwirk is known around Duckworth Elementary School as Kwirky (which sounds like quirky) because he thinks and acts differently than most kids his age. His Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, or ADHD, causes him sometimes to be a bit clumsy, not pay attention and have way too much energy for certain occasions. But Daniel has so much more to offer than what people give him credit for. He is intelligent, perceptive and always wants to do the right thing. These attributes help Daniel, with the assistance of his precocious younger sister, Hayley, find clues to discover the theft of valuable gold and silver coins at a local Civil War exhibit and help police track down the culprits. Daniel's unconventional approach to everyday life, while frustrating at times, proves to be extremely useful as only someone with Daniel's unique perspective could have cracked this case.


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