Modern Army Combatives Program: FM 3.25-150 United States Army Combatives School Author
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Every Fight Is A Grappling FightEvery Fight Is Over WeaponsThere Is No Short Cut To Developing Fighting SkillThe Modern Army Combatives program draws the best and most practical combat techniques from Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Judo, Muay Thai, Boxing, and Escrima. More than just a simple self-defense strategy or mixed martial arts system, Modern Army Combatives is designed to bring the most brutally effective combat system to the battlefield to render an enemy incapacitated.FM 3-25.150 Modern Army Combatives contains step by step illustrations for basic, intermediate, and advanced techniques including:Basics Fighting Stance and Various Grip TechniquesBasic, Intermediate, and Advanced Ground Fighting Techniques-Rear Mount, Mount, Guard and Side Control, Arm Trap and Roll, Passing the Guard, Mount from Side Control, Escaping the Rear Mount, Rear Naked Choke, Cross-Collar Choke, Bent Arm Bar, Straight Arm Bar, Guillotine Choke, Scissors Sweep, Sweep from the Attempted Arm Bar, Attacks from the Mount, Paper Cutter Choke, Nutcracker Choke, Leaning Choke, Sleeve Choke, Attacks from the Rear Mount, Collar Choke, Single Wing Choke, Straight Arm Bar from Rear Mount, Attacks from the Guard, Triangle Choke, Elevator Sweep, Reverse Bent Arm Bar, Knee Mounts, Escape from the Headlock, Straight Ankle Lock, and Straight Knee Bar.Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced Takedowns-Single Leg, Superman Double Leg, Dump, Tree Top, Block the Far Knee, Foot Hook, and Hip Throw.Clinch Fighting-Closing the Distance, Modified Seatbelt Clinch, Double Underhooks, Rear Clinch, Front and Rear Takedown.Contact Weapons-Thrusting Weapons, Bludgeoning Weapons (Stick Fighting), Strikes and Blocks, and Short Range Contact Weapons-Knives.Weapons Retention Techniques and Grappling with WeaponsComplete Competition Guidelines, Rules, and Procedures


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