Are You Kidding Me?: A Breast Cancer Survivor's Story Lucy Morrison Author
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My book is about being diagnosed with breast cancer and all the wonderful games I got to play. It starts out with the mammogram and further testing and continues with surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy. I was fortunate to have a less-invasive type of cancer and didn’t need the kind of chemotherapy that makes your hair fall out, but I still had problems. I am a nurse, but I was unaware of most of the processes involved in the treatment of breast cancer. I did learn a lot about diagnosis, testing, and prognosis of different types of breast cancer. I also learned a lot about being the patient and how easy it is to get lost in the shuffle. The treatment has become routine for some of the caregivers, and it is easy to get treated like a disease and not a person. I wanted to share my experience to hopefully help others be able to fight for and demand the best treatment for themselves.


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