BIRTH FROM ABOVE: Its meaning, necessity and attainment Silvanus Oluoch Author
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Born again or new birth has become a Christian buzzword nowadays flippantly tossed about by people everywhere. But what does it really mean? That is what this book, Birth from Above addresses itself to by giving insightful facts regarding this vital experience. It reveals how the concept is prefigured in the Exodus experience of the Israelites and relates the fact that a person can exchange his or her old sinful life for a brand new one in God, as is alluded to even in other Old Testament Scriptures, like Isa.1:18; Jer 31:33; Ezek 11:19; 36:26 and others. It then expands the scope of that explanation to the New Testament Scriptures, dealing with the various factors that entail the “Born again” experience ranging from why it is necessary, to how it came about. Finally it addresses some very practical questions that people grappled with. I highly recommend it, especially to those desiring proper information on how to reconnect with God. Allan Johnson (Abridged from the preface)


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