Hierarchy of Needs Counselling Care & Support Alex H Parker Author
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An insightful book discussing the Hierarchy of Needs and how these are enhanced by using Rogerian Core Humanistic/ Person centered principles. This examination focuses on the practitioner's values which contribute to a therapeutic growth based environment. The theories of Maslow and Rogers are dominant throughout. This book was created as part of a workshop discussing the attitudes required in delivering a Person Centered service in counselling/psychotherapy and social care, but many people have adapted these principles to teaching and parenting. This book contains some deviations in grammar and maybe little repetitive at times, but the insights contain essential understanding of the process of personal growth in a way that can be easily understood and appreciated. Subjects included are: Environment, Actualising Tendency and Transcendence. Conditions of Growth. Congruence. Unconditional Positive Regard Empathy Hierarchy of Needs Basic Physiological Needs Safety Needs Social Needs Esteem Actualisation Needs


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