Know The God Of The Book Volume 2: Into His Marvelous Light Part 2 Valesa Graves-Clouse Author
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Every Christian's desire should be to learn everything they can about God. The only way to learn to Know The God Of The Book is to study the word of God. We should all spend at least an hour everyday reading the Bible. If you have ever said, I can't understand what the Bible is saying, this book is for you. This book is designed to help you begin to study the word of God and to become familiar with following a topic based line of study. Reading scriptures together, that relate to each other, will help you to understand what you read. After just a few puzzles you will be able to tell a difference in how you read the Bible and how much better you understand it. God gave the Bible to us to use as a tool to get to know Him personally. The best way to become an expert with a tool is to use it. This book doesn't contain anyone's opinions. Every puzzle presents only the word of God, without any comments to lead you away from what God wants to share with you. Spend a few minutes each day learning what special message God has for you today. When you open your heart and open His word, God will reveal the secrets to those who study and believe. Start today to Know The God Of The Book. Each puzzle is a stand alone Bible Study focused on one main topic. They can be completed together or individually. Every clue will list the scripture reference and a few words surrounding the correct answer. The answers to each puzzle are in the back of the book. The puzzles are designed to align with the Into His Marvelous Light Bible Study. Each puzzle is a self-contained Bible study focused on one main topic and a set of Key Scriptures. The puzzles can be completed as a set grouped by the key scriptures, individually with the Bible Study or alone. You can use the fill in the blank questions as a Workbook or complete the full Crossword Puzzle. Those who are serious about studying the Bible should look up each question/clue in the King James Version of the Bible. Reading the complete scripture each time you search for a clue will help you to memorize the scriptures. Some scriptures are used multiple times in each puzzle. Looking up the scriptures will help you to become familiar with the books of Bible. Spending a little time each day in the Word of God will help you build a relationship with God. The only way to learn to Know The God Of The Book is to study the Word of God. The words used in the crossword puzzle blocks will match the KJV spelling. • King James Version (1611) • Clues are segments of different scriptures • Each clues list the book, chapter and verse • Each puzzle has a set of Key Scriptures • Every puzzle is a topic based line of Bible study • Clues are all related to the Key Scriptures and/or the topic of study • Each puzzle presents the Word of God not an opinion • Learn the books of the Bible • Memorize key scriptures • Suitable for all ages


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