Frustrations of God Emily Ashcroft with Neil Shulman M.D. Author
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“Frustrated! I can’t believe how frustrated I am. Who would have thought? I’m putting this down on paper because maybe, just maybe you’ll pick it up read it and let it sink in. There are lots of things I like about the human race, hey what’s not to like about something that you created? And while I don’t want to be too critical, of myself or anyone else, there’s a serious problem here!” As God looks down on the Earth and takes in what has become of humanity, his frustration boils over. What are the options? Short of destroying the human race and starting over, what can be done? Taking inventory of the many ways in which humanity has failed, it becomes obvious that short of starting over, there isn’t a one size solution that will solve all of the problems. Each type of hatred, discrimination and general discord will require something special, something unique to fit the situation. What needs to happen, is to let each person and those around them experience life on the other side, to be on the receiving end for a change. They will need to do more than walk a mile in the other’s shoes; they will need to experience exactly what it feels like before they can embrace the changes necessary to truly become an agent of change, to improve mankind.


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