Not Counted: No, I Matter I Have a Voice!!! And The Creation of the Four Amp Resolve Patrick M. Palella Author
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What would you do if you could create your own reality? Are the solitude and financial consequences of professional unemployment, underemployment or undetermined employment ravaging your mind, body and soul? Have you moved beyond the resignation of the corporate mold and identification by number? Does the inability of our leaders in Washington to do anything substantive to aid your situation enrage you? If the answer is yes to any of these questions it is time to stand and be counted. It is time to shamelessly pursue individual success and support your own dreams, goals and objectives. It is time to plant your own seeds and harvest your greatness. You need the ability to absorb exogenous shocks to your career and therefore to your life to achieve quantifiable results. The need to enhance one’s decision making skills, physical abilities and emotional compass are needed to fight this battle. We can no longer wait for the end to gridlock in Washington to help us. It will never happen. Brothers and sisters, who are unemployed/underemployed/ employment threatened, this is a call to individual action. It is time to stand and be counted. Meet your new boss. You!


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