All This Fun, and a Paycheck, too?: A collection of stories from a long and satisfying engineering career; showing how much fun, worthy, and enriching
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The book is a collection of stories: assignments from a long and enjoyable engineering career as well as anecdotes and experiences from summer jobs, vacations, and consulting. The focus is technical; each little story pivots on some scientific principle. The intent is three-fold: a) genealogical: to capture descriptions of a lifetime of fun times and accomplishments for descendents who might be curious about old great-grandpa Tom; b) to inspire a next generation of youngsters to consider pursuit of engineering, science, and critical thought, as a door to a fruitful life; and c) to try to bridge that pervasive boring and/or over-my-head gap by showing that engineering concepts are essentially common-sense and intuitive (you learned them in kindergarten playground), and the jargon should not be off-putting. The book's message: Engineering/science can be fun; it happens every day and everywhere; a degree is not a prerequisite.


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