The Prince, the Plague, and the Perfidy Andrew Hannon Author
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The king of Turin is dying of a mysterious plague. As his four sons consider the matter, a dwarf comes to their castle garden and informs the princes that the kings illness may only be cured by a rare and magical fruit found in a distant enchanted land. The brothers must set out to save not only their father but also the people of their kingdom from this strange pestilence. The princes set out, each with his own agenda: each of the three elder brothers wishes to reach the fruit first and claim the place of the sole heir to the kingdom. Only the youngest, Percival, seeks only to save his father and his people. Along the way, he must also save his older brothers from the consequences of their treacheries and learn to use his newly discovered powers to defeat his enemies. Rewarded with evil by those he tries to help, Percival finds himself accused of sorcery by his familybut all is not as it seems. The youngest prince soon learns of his own strange heritage, taking him to realms he never imagined. In this fantasy novel, as four princes set out to find a cure for their fathers illness, the youngest brother makes new discoveries about his pastand his future.


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