Life is an Inside Job: A Primer on the Job of Living, 2nd Edition Charles Carroll Ed.D. Author
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Discover the strategies for dealing with the most important job you have ever had or ever will have--living your life with purpose and excellence. Life is an Inside Job does not provide a magic feel good formula; nor does it tell you to simply think positive and everything will be alright. Instead, in 45 chapters. author Charles Carroll systematically reveals the tools and strategies for living your life and controlling your destiny. Read this book and you will gain new insight into: • How your life is interweaved with the lives of others. • How to design a compelling future for your life. • How to identify your purpose and live purposefully everyday. • How to turn disadvantages into advantages. • How to assume the rightful job of being your own boss. • How to manage your life by managing your consciousness. • How to use the art and science of imagineering to create realities. • How to recognize, name, and manage the stressors in your life. • How to use the strategy of continuous positive programming. • And much more...


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