Our Island: A Fourteen-Month Journal of Life on Swan's Island, Maine, in the Seventies Donald Junkins Author
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About Junkins' novel Orchards of Almonds: Don Junkins' semi-autobiographical novel, Orchards of Almonds, blossoms with a Camelot-studded cast of characters that includes Kennedys alive and dead, LBJ and company, Reagan, and dozens of California politicos, academics, Viet Nam protesters and movie stars. . . . Junkins-as much the poet in design as in language-has achieved another triumph of deftness, irony and grace. Allen Josephs (On Hemingway and Spain) I was bowled over by Puss. I have never read, in any other literary work, such a profoundly pure and honest and dead-on rendering of the young girl. And that coupled with her extraordinary father/daughter relationship, it moved me deeply. He did for that relationship what Hemingway did for father and son in 'Indian Camp.' Linda Miller (Letters from the Lost Generation: Gerald and Sara Murphy and Friends)


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