When Silence Screams: Living with Bipolar Disorder--Journals 1997 - 2011 Katherine L. Fogg Author
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Living with bipolar disorder is not just a struggle for the individual; it affects everyone associated with that person as well. When Silence Screams chronicles author Katherine Fogg’s life living with bipolar disorder, severe anxiety, and social phobia from her teenage years to the present. Her searing journal entries talk not only of the struggles she has encountered living with bipolar disorder but also of the emotional ramifications associated with living such a tormented life, relentlessly experiencing severe emotional ups and downs and overwhelming depression. Spanning more than a decade, When Silence Screams begins when she is sixteen and experiencing the anticipation and excitement of her junior year in high school. We don’t hear from her again for a full year and by then the challenges and struggles of her journey with bipolar disorder have begun in earnest. At the age of thirty, after years of trying to control her affliction through alcohol abuse and eating disorders, she finally realizes that she is out of control and that she must seek help. It is only then that she learns she has bipolar disorder, in addition to severe anxiety and social phobia. Her journals represent her personal journey through the years of suffering from these disorders. Her hope is that anyone who reads When Silence Screams will gain a better understanding of what an internal struggle living with bipolar disorder can be for all involved.


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