The New World Chronicles David Crayne Author
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This is a compilation of short stories describing life as it could be after the beginning the promised New World, and after the end of the Old System of Things. It is a fictious description of what life could be like in Paradise: a life without suffering, without pain and the problems of today. Although the characters on this small stage and their surroundings are pure imagination, the various fights they went through in the past, and probably some of the challenges they face in the future, aren't. The stories all happen between the Great Day and the End of the 1.000 Year Reign. They describe the hope, the freedom and love of the future, and the warning of the wicked past. A New World is being built. An old one is being dismantled. Old and new love is bound. Decisions have to be made. This book is designed to give an enlightening, humorous yet faith-strengthening look into the future. They are a peek at what life in the New World after Armageddon could look like, in day to day life, from the viewpoint of day to day people.


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