ANNAPOLIS: Murder at High Tide James Schneider Author
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Pat Jackson, homicide detective for the Annapolis Police Department nabs a new case at the end of an exhausting shift during the hottest days of summer. A bloated body has been discovered floating in Back Creek. The body has been ravaged by crabs - yet it is obvious that this was no accidental death or suicide - not with two bullet holes in the floater's forehead. As a rare female detective within the small squad at APD, Jackson's male counterparts call her a 'hot shot' behind her back, possibly because she is the finest investigator of the lot. To her, it is simply her professional obligation, not prestige, which drives her as she investigates what is beginning to look like a local mafia hit. More bodies show up in this historic seaport city's creeks and Detective Jackson is determined to solve these cases before any additional bodies wash up, including those of her close friend and her family. But... Will she? Schneider, a national award winning novelist draws you into the mysterious lives of people from all walks of life in Annapolis, Maryland. Not just the rich and beautiful, but the poor and suppressed are affected by this killer's rampage of the lovely historic city like never before. The realistic elements will have you holding many mental images as you become acquainted with practical characters that you will grow to have feelings for as you whip through this novel. It is a real page turner... Schneider's debut novel, In the Shadow of Silver Lake, won SILVER for ALL Suspense, Murder Mystery, Thrillers of 2011 by the IPA, Independent Publisher's Association. It is also available in print and electronic versions.


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