Twelve Times Two: The Journeys of a Mother on Bed Rest Jamie Giordano Author
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Each year millions of women are gifted with relatively simple pregnancies. Marked only by a growing belly, they are able to go about their everyday lives with little to no major disruptions. Those nine months unfold at the same rate as any other calendar month and culminate with the joyous arrival of a newborn. But alongside every normal pregnancy is one deemed high-risk, one that can make a finite amount of time feel infinite and turn a woman’s world upside down. The cause of a questionable symptom or the conclusion of a routine visit can instill the greatest fear within a woman, the fear of losing her baby. That fear can manifest itself into anger and depression when that same woman is given the prescription of bed rest, a term that can only be defined by doctors but accurately described by women who have done it. Twelve Times Two is a mother’s personal testimony of experiencing and surviving three months of bed rest for each of her two children. Follow the author as she provides week-by-week and day-by-day accounts of what life is really like from the confines of a bed. Most importantly, discover her ultimate source of strength and inspiration that carried her through the long days and nights and gave her journey purpose and meaning.


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