Tippany the Christmas Tree: Nurturing a Child's Faith Elaine Adams Author
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These are such uncertain days for our children. There are stabbings and shootings in our schools. There are terrorist attacks and extremists who think nothing of murdering the young merely because they are of the Christian faith. Christian parents need encouragement as they equip their children to face these challenges. I have written this book with a threefold purpose: as a Christmas story that approaches difficult topics for children, a parallel story of Christ’s suffering on our behalf, and a tool for parents to talk to their children about matters of faith. “Here is more than a heartwarming Christmas story. In this delightful tale, children will see the wisdom in God’s perfect purposes and the often elusive call for every follower of Jesus: Come die to self to experience real life in Christ. As matriarch of our church family, Elaine’s motherly wisdom wrapped in allegory is a tribute to her Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.” —Bill Henderson, Senior Pastor, CHFBC “This is a delightful story that sensitively presents some Biblical truths that are difficult even for adults to understand, let alone explain to children; Elaine has done it beautifully. Excellent for parents and teachers to use with their children and students.” —Janet Henderson, pastor’s wife and teacher


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