The Big One: The First 52 Eric W. A. Kelly Author
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The author examines the invaluable gift of time within the context of eternity, through the lenses of profound themes in the forms of storytelling and poetry. Employing urgency and directness, these poems encourage you to consider knowing Christ, and to make Him known, your priority. The command of The Great Commission dominates your thoughts more completely as you read and meditate on the truths confronted herein. From questions about the gift of righteousness and the abundance of grace, to the importance of decision making and the potency of the blood of Jesus, The Big One uses a simple and straightforward style to convey a message of joy, faith, peace, and hope. The benefits of struggles in the life of the believer and the power of God’s love are conspicuous throughout. These discussions are centered not only on the eternal destiny of mankind, but also on the possibility of living successfully and abundantly in this life. The Big One flowed from a loving relationship between the author and his Savior and is a unique gift from God. These verses portray fundamental concepts in a lucid, unpretentious and honest manner. As you read, you will experience a magnetism which pulls you to the secret place of the Most High and propels you toward the real reason you are alive—to fear, obey, and glorify God.


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