The Shining Stars: A Book About Acts of Kindness Barbara Anne Syassen Author
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Annabella, Zygamore, Sapphire and Lewis visit a homeless animal shelter to feed the animals. They also go camping, and at night the Shining Stars appear, to praise them for their kind work with the homeless animals. When our kids are now skillfully handling iPads before they're even walking, it's more important than ever to connect them back with nature. Every one of our books have a special message to tell our young readers, most of which relate back to acts of kindness, staying present in the moment, positive thinking, meditation, prayer, creative visualisation, and of course the importance of enjoying the natural gifts of mother earth. Our books have helped many young ones develop a love for reading, learning, being more centred and calm, and so many other positive traits ultimately providing them the tools for happiness and success later on in life. We donate a percentage of our book sales to Lady Musgrave Foundation, helping the homeless children and women of Australia, as well as continuously donating our books to schools in Papua New Guinea via Books for PNG Kids.


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