Allographs I Worksheets/Stories: Linguistic Spelling Program Diane McGuinness Ph.D. Author
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Allographs* Allographs is a revolutionary spelling program based on new discoveries about the structure of the English writing system. Research by the author has revealed that about 90% of words in print are represented by 176 spellings. When these spellings are taught in an orderly way, consistent with the logic of an alphabet code, students of any age can learn to read and spell with relative ease. Allographs lessons are partially scripted and no special training is required to teach this program. Lessons are designed to work for all ages and in any setting ranging from home tutoring to the classroom. Lessons are set out in two programs. Allographs I teaches spellings for common English words up to 3 syllables long. It is designed for students with a reading/spelling age of 7 to 8 years who have some knowledge of basic phonics. Allographs I consists of a Teacher Manual, a Spelling Dictionary with 3,000 words, and a Workbook/Storybook. Allographs II focuses on multi-syllable words and the Latin layer of the spelling code. It is suitable for students with a reading/spelling age of 8 years or higher. Allographs II consists of a Teacher Manual and a student Workbook/Dictionary containing over 3,000 words. NOTE: Allographs uses the spelling standard for U.S. and Canada. A supplement containing UK spellings is provided in the Teacher Manual. *Allographs: All the written symbols (spelling patterns) to mark each sound in a language.


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