I Am Love: Love Speaks Diane Elizabeth Mooney Author
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Love has different levels and dimensions. When love speaks it will declare what it is and what level it speaks from. This book exposes some of the levels and dimensions of love via Diane Mooney's experience with love and what she believes love revealed to her. The purpose and/or goal of this book is to expose the deceptive ploy of counterfeited love, expose ignorance, and to motivate the desire for pure love. The intent is to bring knowledge to the reader so they might understand why they have possibly been having certain types of experiences with people that they think they love and those they think love them. At the end of this journey, my prayer is that the readers be empowered to love from a different level of knowledge and desire and that they choose to not be deceived. My prayer is that this insight would give greater understanding as to why people do what they do, so that the reader may have greater intuitiveness for the people that are in and will come into their lives. For when love speaks it will have a voice and require something of the individual whether they acknowledge it or not.


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