Rochester: Redemption: The Continuing Story Inspired by Charlotte Brontë's 'Jane Eyre' J.L. Niemann Author
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Edward’s obsession with Jane has consumed him to their mutual undoing. The intensity of his love and desire for her has rendered him thoroughly reckless and desperate. Meanwhile, revelations of his past have led Jane to flee Thornfield Hall in search of safety away from him. Here Edward is now, broken and abandoned by both Jane and himself, standing in the wreckage of his many deceptions. Edward has a lonely path ahead, and on his journey he must gain understanding of his drives, demons and downfalls. To help him is the support of his friend, Arthur Eshton, the counsel of vicar Peter Wood, the advice of Dr. Carter and that of his long-time solicitor Alistair Blakely, as well as the loyalty of Thornfield’s staff , Leah, John, and newcomer David. Yet, darker forces are near to him too, in the form of Blanche Ingram, St. John Rivers, Richard Mason, and of course, Edward himself. With little hope of Jane’s return, will Edward succumb to his sinful vices and turns of passionate temper? Or will he find strength and faith enough to bring Jane back, thereby attaining his ultimate redemption?


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