Where Have All The Flowers Gone?: The Displacement of Minorities In the Process of Gentrification. Maria T. Molina-Wilshaw Author
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Gentrification is hardly a new phenomenon; however, in modern day society it appears to be playing out in cities all over the globe more rapidly than ever before. Where Have All the Flowers Gone? The Displacement of Minorities in the Process of Gentrification is an illuminating case study that brings into focus one such New York City community. This work seeks to examine the extent to which Urban Renewal Projects implemented by the City of New York, green gentrification, the Business Community, Real-Estate, Tourism Industry, and Landlords were and are active stakeholders in the gentrification of Crown Heights, Brooklyn. The candid interviews of existing long term residents and gentrifiers, gives the reader an inside look at those stakeholder's points of view. This book offers suggestions on how to ameliorate the effects of gentrification on those whom are unorganized, politically disenfranchised, and in jeopardy of being displaced; and broaches the question: If in fact displacement has occurred, Where Have All the Flowers Gone?


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