A Woman of Middle Age: An erotic story of self-Discovery and romance James Benoit Author
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Ellen Strauss is the cliché of an over worked, underappreciated female executive. When she suspects her husband is having multiple affairs, she wires their entire house with hidden cameras. What she finds will unravel her seemingly perfect life. Hours and hours of video reveal that her husband of ten years has been running around on her, and sometimes in their own house, on their marital bed, and even in their cars. She wakes up to realize that her entire youth has passed by. All while she was preparing a future for herself. Is there still time to slow down and smell the roses along the path of life. Ellen is ready to take risks she would have never taken before. But she quickly realizes that she is too advanced in time to endure men who want to be boys, and boys who want to be men. Here she is, single at forty-five, no children to call hers, no man to call her own, no home, just a house. Alone on a pile of wealth. Is this her ultimate price for success? Her quest for self discovery leads her to a little known exotic island in the middle Caribbean Sea. Little does she know, when and how Cupid will strike...But strike he does and the rest is the story of her heart.


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