The Baby Inheritance & A Little Surprise for the Boss - Audiobook, by Maureen Child & Elizabeth Lane
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The Baby Inheritance Is a family in the future for this wealthy bachelor? From USA TODAY bestselling author Maureen Child!Divorce attorney to the stars Reed Hudson knows there's no such thing as happily-ever-after. But the red-headed stunner who walks into his office with an infant in her arms will put him to the test.Lilah Strong just brought a baby girl to a man who splits up families for a living. Now he wants Lilah to stay on as temporary nanny to his niece. Reed Hudson's plush hotel suite is a world away from Lilah's rustic mountain home. Will their undeniable attraction end in heartbreakor forever? A Little Surprise for the Boss A secret crush on the boss leads to keeping a little secret from the boss!When Terri Hammond's innocent errand lands her in her boss's bed, she knows the jig is up! But despite a red-hot encounter, resort guru Buck Morgan wants to maintain the status quo. He can't be this turned on by his deceased best friend's sisternot after he promised to look after her. But his beautiful secretary isn't playing nice. She's taunting and teasing him to distraction! Terri has managed his business for the past ten years. Certainly he can trust her with his heartif they can both forgive each other for the secrets they've been keeping



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