Modern Harmony Method: Fundamentals of Jazz and Popular Harmony Michael Griffin Author
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This clear and well organised text is suitable for students of arranging and composition, and for classically trained musicians wishing to further grasp the simple logic of jazz harmony. Essential understandings:-Triad structures and inversions-How to select chords; chord symbols-Simple but effective voicing formulae-The circle of 4th progressions, -Extensions to the 9ths and dominant 13ths, and altered 5ths and 9ths. Included in the 107 pages are comprehensive explanations, examples, exercises and solutions. For school students, the course can be started in year 9 and worked through to year 13.This book certainly delivers. Mr. Griffin does a superb job giving clear and concise steps that students should take when approaching the task of harmonizing a melody. The book is laid out in a clean, easy-to-understand format. Mr. Griffin is obviously a gifted teacher, and has developed a book that would be a great resource for any music teacher or student interested in understanding and implementing more complex theory/harmony concepts. - Natalie Wickham, Music Matters, USA. Particularly good for A Level pupils composing in a pop and jazz style. The material gradually increases in difficulty and there are a lot of useful exercises to be completed by students- Music teacher, UK. Excellent resource which will save teachers hours of preparatory work. Useful for a general understanding of options when harmonising in composition. An essential part of KS5 harmony work which goes beyond the common chords and progressions. Very professionally set out.- ZigZag Education, UK.


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