GO: 21st Century Existentialism in an Absurdist Theme Doug Bentley Author
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A Comedy of The Absurdities!We're done Waiting for Godot! Who IS the mysterious Mr W.H. of Shakespeare's Sonnets?To the onlie begetter of these insuing sonnetsMr. W.H. all happinesse and that eternitie promised by our everliving poet wisheth the well wishing adventurer in setting forthT.T.We find the quotation above in the Dedication to W. Shakespeare's Sonnets.So who IS the mysterious Mr. W.H.?A begetter is a catalyst or generator, a person who inspires. Mr. W.H. is the only person to whom Shakespeare bequeathed his Sonnets: the finest series of Sonnets in the English Language. Were Shakespeare and Mr. W.H. conjoined, in a secret trust? The first thing we need to ask is, Who was Shakespeare?- our everliving poet? Was Shakespeare a man ahead of his time? Or a man beyond time?Yogi Berra said, Prediction is very difficult, especially about the future. Maybe that's because Yogi got it backwards. Perhaps Yogi was just a man ahead of his time? Four centuries is too long an absence for even a man ahead of his time like Shakespeare to state his literary case. On the other hand, a man beyond time is always present to rest it. A man beyond time is immortal. An immortal must be ever-present, ever-living. How can an immortal be absent? What an absurd, impossible presumption! Thus forearmed with a self-evident proposition- that the immortal Mr. W.H. must still be somewhere- I set forth to find him!For, like a jigsaw puzzle, GO is a philosophical and literary work. One that can only take the form of live theatre. Each character in the play plays one piece. Each of the three key figures in The Sonnets finds a counterpart in GO. And who are better adventurer fools, wanderers through existential mysteries, than GO's pair of paltry, wayward tramps: BLIND & GOGO? They're two time trodders, to be truthful!GO's template is Waiting for Godot by Samuel Beckett. GO opens with BLIND & GOGO arguing and angering over whether to search or to wait for Go to free them. GO follows the intrepid tramps from their Act 1 world of Nowhere, through the perils of Elsewhere in Act 3. The last Act lands them in the court of Mr. W.H, the mystic King of Scotland! I pack the script with wit and humor throughout, slapstick, satire, sting, insight and backbite. BLIND & GOGO encounter these Characters, in turn:-a sarcastic Centaur who stumbles on them by mistake,-a mathematical Magus who drives the tramps batty,-a wisecracking Moon with a wicked wit,-a warrior Princess who tries to decapitate them,-Mr. W.H., our mysterious omnipresent Clown,-Go, a Child prince.It took me two vagabond tramps and one shamanic princess to track down the global clown, Mr. W.H.! So you can bet I'll never divulge the true identity of Mr W.H., the ever-living King Of Scotland, to a poker-face passerby like you. No penny ante playwright like me passes out his best play cards to a spectator. If you want to sit in on my Roundtable, prospective buyer, you'll need to buy a ticket.Look Inside GO, or email yourself a Sample. You can also download a free copy of Act I of GO at dougbentley.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/09/Act-1.newsletter-giveaway.pdf. If you're a theatre person interested in producing GO, email me at doug@dougbentley.com.


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