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How are we to understand the teachings of the New Testament? Is the traditional method of Command, Apostolic Example, and Necessary Inference really the way God desires for us to understand His word? Is there a greater context in which the scriptures should be viewed? Taken from his riveting and controversial series of blogs, A Better Way is Max Ray's efforts to understand and share with others the story of the Bible. In a very understandable and illustrative manner, Brother Ray shares his years of study in carefully framing the difficulties he sees with how brethren have traditionally approached the scriptures. His insights offer a view of the scriptures focusing on the ultimate of historical events- the cross of Christ and all that it means for salvation.Max Ray is a retired country preacher as he likes to call himself. He has and continues to devote his life to sharing the Jerusalem gospel with any who will listen. Living in Kentucky, Brother Ray writes often on his blog and facebook pages. He has seen first-hand the divisiveness caused when brethren tenaciously cling to a way of understanding that cannot be right and has proven itself unprofitable.


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