IPhone App Design for Entrepreneurs : Find Success on the App Store Without Coding by Megan Holstein
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Make an app from start to finish on your own or with a dedicated team. This book is your all-in-one, go-to resource for designing, building, and marketing, a trending app that others flock to buy. Use detailed analysis to decide what designs you should choose and whether you should learn to code or hire someone else to do the trench work for you. If you plan carefully and make intelligent decisions when establishing your viral app business, you will find success on the App Store. Remember, though, the App Store is not a lottery. Apps are not randomly featured, and it is not happenstance that makes your app successful. Luck and fortuitous timing tempered by hard work and a good app idea are key factors to success. You can't aimlessly create an app, throw it on the App Store, and watch the dollars roll in. You'll get back what you put in. This book lays the foundation and outlines the skills needed by aspiring entrepreneurs with no coding experience for selling a killer app. What You'll Learn Design apps that are impressive, wow users, and most importantly, are easy to use. Build a business model around an app that turns a profit Determine when its OK to build your own app or when it's better to hire a third party to do so. Who This Book Is For Small business owners who want to create an app, but have no programming experience


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