Increasing Human Efficiency in Business: A Contribution to the Psychology of Business Walter Dill Scott Author
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Increasing Human Efficiency in Business A Contribution to the Psychology of Business By Walter Dill Scott TWENTY years ago the head of an industry now in the million-a-month class sat listening to his &'grave;star'' salesman. The latter, in the first enthusiasm of discovery and creation, was telling how he had developed the company's haphazard selling talk and had taken order after order with a standard approach, demonstration, and summary of closing arguments. To prove the effectiveness of &'grave;the one best way,'' he challenged his employer to act as a customer, staged the little drama he had arranged, secured admissions of savings his machine would make, ultimately cornered the other, and sold him. &'grave;That's great,'' the owner declared the instant he had surrendered to the salesman's logic. &'grave;If we can get all our agents to learn and use this new method of yours, we'll double our business in three years.''


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