How to Find and Eliminate Illegal Votes: An Election Handbook Jackie Nutting Author
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In “How to Find and Eliminate Illegal Votes” Jackie Nutting gives you methods to not only find current illegal votes, but how to find potential illegal votes and eliminate the opportunity for those to be used in the future. Therefore, the lessons in each chapter teach the reader proactive strategies not just responses. There have been many elections taken to court after illegal votes have been cast, however traditionally judges will ask the losing candidate to provide proof that it was the illegal votes that caused the final results. Therefore, a proactive strategy is mandatory in today’s political climate. She also explains how those who create and sell illegal votes use the current election laws to their advantage. Contrary to what many election officials may tell you, voter registrations do expire. There is a process to move them through the system and finally eliminate them. The writer introduces a new term, “Ghost Voters.” These are people who have not voted for an extended period of time, traditionally 4 years and then suddenly begin voting again. Another use of the term refers to those voters who claim to be living somewhere they do not, such as a residence or a business. There have been thousands of votes cast by people who register more than once by using different forms of their name or by changing their birthdate by one digit. This is a traditional method used by those who practice identity theft. Many people have heard of deceased people who are voting but did you know that there are people registering to vote after they are deceased? The number of voters in this category is growing at a rapid pace, however it is possible to eliminate them from the voter rolls and keep them off. Commercial and residential addresses can have upwards of 50 registrants at one address or post office. It is also possible to find those who are missing information from their voter registration cards that is mandated in order to determine the person’s eligibility to vote. When a person brings this to the attention of a registrar they are obligated to act on this immediately. Should they not, they are breaking the law and are subject to prosecution. Many people have been victimized by those persons who act in their own self-interest and register people to vote who are not yet U.S. citizens. When this new registrant votes, they lose their right to become a citizen. The reasons for this are explained and illustrated in hopes that those wishing to become citizens do not lose that right. In this book you will find sample documents for filing a complaint with county District Attorneys, submitting proof of illegal voting to registrars, asking for administrative court reports and public documents. You will also learn what registrar and Secretaries of State must do in order to comply with today’s laws. “How to Find and Eliminate Illegal Votes’ is a must read for anyone seeking public office, campaign consultants and voters.


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