How to Buy and Invest in Bitcoin, A Step-by-Step Guide for Beginners: Get started fast with real examples and experiences Kyle Watson Author
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We are at the beginning of the era of the true adoption of digital currency. We will cycle through many bubbles over the next few years as this currency becomes understood, used, and more widely accepted. However, I see signs that lead me to believe that we are at the tipping point for digital currency, just like the onset of the Internet was in the 1990s.After telling a few friends about my success with Bitcoin, they asked to get involved and I started helping, which ultimately turned into this e-book. This e-book provides real and basic step-by-step examples on setting up a wallet, buying Bitcoins, and working with shared pool mining. This e-book does not advise on whether or not Bitcoin is a good investment. Actually since it's a currency, it's not truly an investment at all, but since it is so new and volatile, it can be treated like one that is speculative. As a speculative concept, Bitcoin is very exciting!


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