Quantum Silence: The Adventures, Romance, and Enlightenement of Clay St. Clair John Dennis Viviano Author
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The action, adventure, romance and enlightenment of Clay St. Clair and Nancy Picararo. Book two in the series after Silent Magic.Technology genius and newly minted billionaire Flint Marquette develops a super computer that is so powerful it can easily overwhelm even the best security software of the largest corporations or most powerful country. Outwardly, he is the darling of the stock market. Inwardly, he is a spoiled, morally bankrupt punk. Will he be the next Richest Man in the World? Or, the King of Vaporware?Afghanistan war hero, former Army ranger, brilliant mathematician, and part time FBI contractor, Clay St. Clair is drawn into his next international thriller. Along with his beautiful, smart, athletic girl friend Nancy Picararo, he uncovers Flint's plan to financially blackmail the governments of the world.


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