Restless Legs Syndrome: Medication-induced Obsessive Behavior Justin Thyme Author
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Restless Legs Syndrome (RLS) has in recent years become recognized as a serious medical condition that may effect as much as ten percent of the population. This book deals with the very serious, and potentially life destroying, obsessive behavior side effects that can occur with the long term use of dopamine agonist medications, like Mirapex (generic name Pramipexole). These medications are commonly used to treat RLS and are generally considered to be the most effective in relieving RLS symptoms. The author gives a frank and honest account of his own experiences of Mirapex-induced obsessive behaviors, how he finally got off the medication and how he is dealing with the consequences of the actions caused by the obsessive behaviors. The main objective of this book is to expose this issue and to help other RLS sufferers, and their family and friends, to be aware of and confront any medication-induced obsessive behavior.


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