Intellectual Helplessness In America: Thinking Clearly and Acting Rationally Steven A. Danley Author
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Today’s America is divided on multiple destructive fronts. A disquieting transformation has rendered many of us helpless in successfully addressing the critical issues of our day. Whether we recognize it or not, the nation is involved in a covert battle to claim America’s mind, heart, and soul. An elitist minority has surreptitiously targeted the philosophical foundations of our government, business, and moral-cultural institutions. From both sides of the political aisle, our country’s people are overwhelmed by the anxiety of uncertainty, incoherence, double standards, and hate. Author Steven A. Danley painstakingly illustrates how the United States has reached a tipping-point-era of intellectual helplessness. He identifies the myriad of ways we’ve refused, forgotten, or never been taught how to think critically and act rationally. Intellectual Helplessness offers a frank logistical look at the spiraling decay of one of America’s most important assets —the way we think.


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