Finding the Glory of God: Experiencing Poverty, Bigotry and Racism Autobiography of Eugene Jackson Jr. Eugene Jackson Jr. Author
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Finding the Glory of God, by author Eugene Jackson Jr., narrates the story of his life, of an African-American male in America who evolved, like others, from Negro, to black, and to the current classification throughout seven-plus decades—1931 to the present. More than an autobiography, it goes back to the turn of the twentieth century, touching on the lives of others who crossed his path or whose path he crossed on his journey. It contains details or perceptions of what was and what is coming. Jackson includes stories from his time in the military during the Korean War, familial anecdotes, family and American history, and his feelings and impressions built during a lifetime. He offers a look at his history through his religious experiences and revelations and what it was like being a black man.


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