Living On the Edge of Wetness: A Funny Ride Through an Interesting Life Jim JK Kelly Author
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Our tour guide through this adventure learned early in life that most girls like funny guys so he became one. Being adopted by an Irish catholic couple that operated a funeral home gave him plenty of comic material and he was off from there. Kicked out of college he heads west to LA to ply his writing skills and sick sense of humor wherever he can. He snags a gig on a late night cable show, where he scores his first big hit: “The Edge of Wetness”. Jaded by fading fame and wear and tear he heads to Israel to figure things out. There, he meets Sara and discovers something very special about her. Turns out Sara’s returned to Jerusalem to get her sister, Mary, out of an incredible dilemma. Mary is none other than Mary Magdalene and the dilemma is a place called Purgatory! The Apostles weren’t very entertained by a recent Hollywood blockbuster and Sara’s been sent to latch onto “JK” and get him to guide her to LA where only the movers and shakers he knows have the key to free Magdalene.


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