Tales of the Guldorin: Book I: Quest for the Crown Professor G. G. Author
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Tav, a young human on the edge of adulthood, yearns for more than the back-crushing labors of the land. Now that he is eighteen, he has decided that he wants to leave the farm and travel the world in search of adventure and action. With his entire life's savings in a simple bag, this young adventurer bids his foster family adieu and heads off to seek his fortune. On the road, he meets and befriends three non-humans-a Steinshun spirituist, a Huthundorian archer, and a mountain warrior. Together, they accept a quest given to them by an unusual creature. They are each after a prize for their own reasons, and the quest could cost any one of them a life. If all goes well, they could also be at the center of an ancient prophecy-and possibly bring about its fulfillment. It will take all of their skill, bravery, cunning, and honor to survive-and emerge as legend.


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