Register of International Rivers: Prepared by the Centre for Natural Resources, Energy and Transport of the Department of Economic and Social Affairs
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Register of International Rivers comprises international river and lake basins that form a substantial portion of the earth’s water resources, available for human use and consumption. This Register is prepared by the United Nations, Department of Economic and Social Affairs for sessions of the Economic and Social Council’s Committee on Natural Resources. This book is divided into seven sections that comprise separate river basins communicating directly with the final recipient of the water, including oceans, closed inland seas, and lakes. It includes all the world’s separate basins shared by two or more countries and in some cases most of the basin area is confined to one country and only a small part of it extends to one or more countries. All data are organized according to five major continental divisions: Africa, North and Central America, South America, Asia, and Europe. Two categories of tables are prepared for each major continental subdivision. One is a list of countries sharing river basins with other countries, while the other is a list of rivers and lakes forming international boundaries and showing the approximate length of the boundary waters.


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