Where Is Peter and Other Stories: Mystery Short Stories Indrasish Banerjee Author
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Where Is Peter and Other Stories is a collection of mystery short stories revolving around the characters of the DeCosta family. Although each story has a standalone plotline, the reader will be left pleasantly surprised by the reappearance of the characters they met in earlier stories. Devoid of any thematic connection or a chronological order, the stories provide snippets of the lives of various members of the DeCosta family slowly forming a family portrait. Each story in the collection takes the reader by surprise by unpredictability of events and outcomes. In one of them, a family get-together fails to take off due to the absence of a family member who never arrives. In another, a cat, privy to the goings-on of the family of its benefactor, constantly feels the presence of the benefactor many years after it saw him brought to the house in a hearse. The reader will heave a sigh of relief, following a stab of horror, when Mary realizes that the woman she sees at the theatre is not the same woman she is running away from.


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