EDNY AREM Ashok Varma Author
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Edny Arem is a work of fiction, a thriller, an amalgamation of fantasy, crime and humour. A man is murdered in broad daylight in front of a police station, but the policeman on duty does not see any killer. Couple of days later in another part of the city a voice leads a jobless young man to own an apartment with lots of money, but also makes him shoot another unknown person. The Investigating officer discovers a serious plan of the terrorists to kill several of the highest level politicians, armed forces top brass and top bureaucrats. He also discovers that the perpetrator is invisible. The terrorist keeps making effort after effort to kill important persons as well as the investigating officer, and finally hijacks a plane with a large number of VIPs and media personnel. The commandoes in the plane helplessly surrender their arms.A novel with a new suspense unfolding in every chapter, keeps you glued until you reach the end.


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