Things I Remember: Memories of Life During the Great Depression Glenn Thomas Doyle Author
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Some Americans who were born and raised during the Great Depression, have passed from this life although many still remain with us. Many famous books, movies and television shows have covered stories from that generation and many of them continue to fascinate the current generations living today (e.g. The Great Depression mini series on HBO and The Walton's reruns from the 1970s). It was an era before the popularity of television itself and people lived simpler lives and enjoyed the basic pleasures of life such as children playing in the outdoors and families enjoying each others company without the popular electronic distractions we are surrounded by today. People of The Depression Era also experienced many struggles and challenges in life that are not experienced on the same scale by Americans today. Stories of getting by in the face of adversities during The Great Depression and of the bond between family and friends are inspiring and they often demonstrate the triumph of the human spirit and the power of human love. The stories that will be related within the pages of this book include those very attributes and many also simply include the nostalgic memories of an era gone by, through the eyes of the late Glenn Thomas Doyle, as compiled and presented as a collection of short stories, in their original form and language, by his niece, Janice F. Lowrance. It is my sincere hope that I have done justice to the formatting of these wonderful and inspiring related stories from some of the Good Old Days of the American experience. -Janice F. Lowrance BOOK HEADINGS: 1. Childhood during the Great Depression 2. A Southern Boy's Preteen Years 3. From Working At Home to Defending My Country 4. My Life After Military Discharge 5. The Most Important Message in Life


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