Drive Me To Think: Driving time is Law of Attraction time. Convert negativity into miracles while driving and in life. K. Scott Author
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Dr. Joe Vitale (The Secret) said: If you don't yet have joy, love, and purpose in your life, listen to yourself when you drive. This book [Drive Me To Think] was a jaw-dropping eye-opener for me. Armando Aversa (Because You Believe) said: A quick read. A mind-stretching gem! This book ends all forms of distracted driving through self-awareness, commitment, and oneness. Drive Me to Think is for anyone who isn't using drive time to make their lives flourish. Great for: Commuters, Younger Drivers, Deep Thinkers, Law of Attraction Lovers, Frequently Agitated Drivers Highlights: • The debate about who's going to Heaven settled...ACIM & Bible readers often miss this. • A superhighway model that calms us completely about where we are in our lives...Eckhart Tolle & Neale Donald Walsch-based. • How driving is the perfect challenge because it often represents a second separation from our true Essence. • Who, what, where, when is God? brother had a meeting with Him...the answer is so clear! • Mind-blowing examples of forgiveness and service...could you forgive your child's murderer?...could you be a murderer? • How practicing patience, forgiveness, and safety while driving makes us unshakably powerful in life. Staying peaceful, no matter what, is both the blessed cause and the eternal effect; riches will flow, purpose will inspire, and love will unfold. Practice it while driving, choose it always. -K. Scott, Drive Me to Think


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