Motherland and Sierra Leone Anansi Stories: 'NANSI STORI' Eyamidé E. Lewis-Coker Author
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MOTHERLAND SIERRA LEONE ANANSI STORIES Traditional African stories Sierra Leone ? West Africa Traditional African oral stories, Anansi Stories ‘Nansi-stori or Nansi-tori’ reflect social values in the African culture that motivate the listeners in their pursuit of a meaningful life. These stories reveal ideas, themes, beliefs, and facts that are widely spread. They link the past, present and future, interpret the universe, resolve natural and physical phenomena, teach morals, maintain cultural values, pass on methods of survival and praise God. The storyteller uses her tactics with the intention that the listeners connect with the story and uses her skills to be linked with the listeners through the story. The storyteller teaches the listeners the African morals, values, beliefs; tells each story with gestures, songs, dances, expressions and impersonations to arouse the listeners. The storyteller repeats words, phrases or sentences which make the story easy to understand and recall from memory. The listeners actively participate as they learn the important aspects of the African culture. These Sierra Leone traditional African oral stories keep the family and the community united, pass on traditions, codes of behavior and maintain social order. These oral stories passed down by the writer’s grandparents and parents using their own words were transcribed from her committed to memory version in written format to preserve the traditional African Krio history or African oral tradition, and with the hope that these written stories be appreciated by adults and children throughout the world and perpetuated by future generations.


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