Girl and Her Therapist: Release the Shame Eugenia A. Franklin-Springer Ph.D. Author
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In Parts One and Two of this volume, Girl and Her Therapist, the author uses psychodrama to present the nightmarish horror of the person violated. Rather than abandon the violated to despair, she arouses in the character a realization of her innate power to confront the problem and bring it to a resolution. In Part Three of this volume, the author embraces all bogged down in guilt and shame and points out the path to freedom. Within the covers of this book is a challenge to any laboring under the pain of self-loathing and shame, to release the shame and reclaim their power to make of their life what they will. And this challenge is also extended to any now bogged down with guilt and remorse for having in the past been a perpetrator. or an abuser.


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