The Wheel of Misfortune: Murder in the Shores a Georgi Girl Series Susanne Sir Author
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While walking dogs and a pet goose, Inga finds a dead body on the Ferris wheel at the local carnival. Curious Inga can't turn down a good mystery, so with the help of her neighbor Jack, she infiltrates the close-knit carnival clique. Inga and Jack exchange bits of information about the odd goings-on at the carnival, especially after hours activities. Inga follows local carnies at night to abandoned homes in the exclusvie section of the Shores. She is protected by Bear, a huge ex police dog; Ripper, her baby parrot; and Minkee, a monkey with a crush on Inga. Despite danger, Inga cannot resist figuring out how boxes of merchandise are disappering from an inlet at Davis Harbor. Inga keeps her adorable soon-to-be fiance, Tom, on his toes as he tries to protect her, but Inga's curious nature won't let up. She continues to try putting the mysterious pieces together because she knows some heavy duty crime is happening in her own backyard.


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