Journaling Through Bipolar Disorder Max Josephs Author
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On his way to becoming a renowned chef in Europe, author Max Josephs was diagnosed with bipolar disorder. In Journaling through Bipolar Disorder, he shares his story as he struggles to find the correct treatment and deal with the backlash of those who claimed to love him. In this memoir, he discusses the details of his childhood, his family, and his relationship with his parents and siblings. Josephs talks about trying to eliminate the toxic people from his life as a crucial step to treating his disorder. He also tells about the debilitating physical and emotional toll his diagnosis had on his life and his career and how he struggled to find love ad acceptance from family and friends. Through Max’s personal experiences with doctors and medication, he communicates that mental illness is not a life sentence. Instead, it’s the beginning of an entirely new way of living and thriving.


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