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It is 1997 in Dallas, Oregon, when Jerry Hopper and his wife, Vivian, dream up the idea of opening an organized facility where the living dead are sent when their family members are not quite ready to let them go. Inspired by their young daughter, Allison, ZOMBIE, otherwise known as the Zoological Order for Mankind Beyond its Intended Existence, opens and soon becomes a hit.ZOMBIE offers a safe place where mortals can peacefully sit next to the corpse of their relatives or friends, order a bite to eat, and read a book. But as a first-time business dealing with the living dead, it soon becomes clear that ZOMBIE has a few kinks that need to be worked out. When fire alarms begin blaring inside the facility, the Hoppers are alerted to their worst fears: zombies are attempting to escape their rooms. After they manage to secure the building, the Hoppers have no idea that some ten years later, the zombies will rebel once again, setting off a perilous chain of events that will change everything.In this horror tale, a modern family committed to providing a safe place where zombies can live peacefully soon discovers that nothing is predictable in the world of the living dead.


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