How to Make the Future into What You Want It to Be: The Art and Science of Exerting Influence to Get What You Want Gerard G. Nahum MD Author
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We all want the future to unfold the way we like. As a result, we routinely pursue that goaleven though we may not understand what strategies are best to accomplish it and how to employ them effectively. In order to drive evolution along the lines we want, the key is to understand both what to do and when to do it. In this fascinating philosophical treatise, Dr. Gerard G. Nahum helps us steer the evolution of events and circumstances in the right direction by outlining the factors that both help and hinder our ability to predict what will occur as well as how to influence it. He then provides strategies and tactics for addressing the issues that can stand in the way of us getting what we want. By providing 28 concrete, real-world examples with specific tools and approaches, he teaches others how to predict and influence their futures in a wide variety of realms such as personal desires, interpersonal relationships,professional endeavors, business and government activities, investments, and negotiations. How to Make the Future into What You Want It to Be is a guide for sound evaluation, planning, and execution that will help anyone successfully recognize, mold, and manage the elements of their futureso that they can get what they want both effectively and efficiently.


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