Button's Gift Kathy Huggins Author
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Button is a happy, little caterpillar living high in the top of a sycamore tree. From his home Button enjoys gazing down at God's beautiful creation all around him. Oh what fun it would be to walk among the flowers and fly among the clouds he dreams. Sadly, he remembers that he's just a little caterpillar who will never be able to do such wonderful things. Button isn't aware that God has big plans for him-until he hears His voice: It's time for you to build your cocoon, the Lord says. This will be a nice, new home that will wrap around you like a warm blanket. You will stay in this new home for many days. I will be with you and protect you. Button is nervous about listening to the Lord. What would he eat? What if it's dark? Button, says the Lord, Do you trust me? Button is scared, but he dares to believe that the gentle voice is that of a loving God who only wants the very best for him. So he spins his silk cocoon, sculpting here and patting there until his work is complete. Discover the amazing things that can happen when you fully trust and obey the Lord as you join Button on a wonderful journey.


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